Models are dumb via News 24

I just read a shocking but true article By By: Zeni Papu on News 24.

” According to new evidence, it would seem that models might actually be less clever than previously thought. Recently (former) FHM Modelbook 2011 Winner Jessica Leandra dos Santos, Tshidi Thamana and Sabina Essa have revealed that they might be social-mindedly challenged. ” – Zeni Papi

I agree with what Zeni Papu is saying some of there self proclaimed South African Models are bad role models.

“Models are (in my rather fantastic opinion) silly kitties. And Twitter is their sand box.  Maybe I’m being too harsh? There is a difference between a supermodel who has used her smarts to build a successful career and a woman who just looks good in a bikini.  But the behavior of these wannabe models reinforces  the stereotype that you can either have beauty or brains – not both. ”

You can read the article on

*What do you think ? *

-Picture : Jessica Leandra dos Santos and Tshidi Thamana


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