She’s The Boss : Melanie “Hypress” Ramjee

Melanie Ramjee

Melanie Ramjee

I had the honour of interviewing PR Specialist and Fabulous Mom Melanie Ramjee aka “Hypress”. She is known for hosting the most glamorous events and her role as a PR Specialist at Hush Club in Rosebank and YFM . Hope You will be Inspired and Motivated !

Q : Who is Melanie Ramjee?
A: Melanie Gia Ramjee aka Hypress is a publicist, events manager, writer, mom to baby Musa, social media enthusiast, TV lover, hustler, the list can go on and on. In more simple terms a simple girl who loves life and will do anything to enjoy as much as possible.

Q: Take us through a typical day in the life of Melanie Ramjee?
A: There is no typical day since I run my own business. But usually it consists on meetings, lot of emails, facebook and twitter and several phone calls to
clients and media.

Q: What is the process for obtaining a new client?
A: Honestly most of my clients have approached me and I have been blessed to choose who I want to work with. Alternatively if its a client I want to work with, I take the bull by the horns. I will call the client directly and my a pitch to them. So far, so good.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a PR professional?
A: Many clients don’t see the value in PR and will opt for the cheapest publicist they can get, a huge challenge in my industry.

Q: How do you handle major events?
A: Calmly. Well I try anyway!

Q: Share a highlight of your career?
A: One of my highlights was working on the South African Music Awards a few years back. I got to work with some of SA’s most talented artists very closely, a real blessing. Another highlight I have to mention was working closely with Lebo Mathosa, something I hold very close to my heart.

Q: What advice can you give to “public figures” who would like build their brands?
A: It really is hard work and success doesn’t happen over night. Believe in your brand and keep building it. Surround yourself with people who grow your
character and believe in your brand to, this will uplift you.

Q: Three things you wish you knew when you started in the PR Industry?
A: -1. I would never sleep again.
-2. It doesn’t pay well.
-3. That its one of the best jobs ever.

Q: Would you encourage other young South Africans to start their own business?
A: Hell yeah. I do believe in learning and gaining experience before going on your own. That can only be a benefit to one’s business. There is nothing
better than being your own boss.

Q: -How do you personally define success?
Success is waking up feeling fulfilled and that you have achieved in your life.

Congratulations to Hypress, It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve such accolades.
She is definitely greatness defined. We would like to Thank Hypress for taking time to answer our questions and we wish her all the best.

Melanie Ramjee

Melanie Ramjee


5 thoughts on “She’s The Boss : Melanie “Hypress” Ramjee

  1. I love her she’s inspiring! I’ve been following her career for a while now she’s actually like thee best in her field in South Africa !

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