Bonang Confirms It ?

Twitter is becoming quite a great source for gossip, This morning I woke up and saw a tweet “Euphonik Beat Up Bonang” I was so shocked and I ran out to go buy a newspaper.

Today Sunday World Reported that 5FM DJ Euphonik beat up Live Presenter / YFM DJ Bonang Matheba.
I’m not sure if you remember but Euphonik once called Bonang a “B Grade Whore” on twitter, and he also tweeted “If I was her boyfriend I’d understand her trying to add twitter as another social network she got dumped on.” This was in 2010.

I was praying that this is just gossip but when one of her fans asked her about it she tweeted “truer than true”! Bonang is such a great person, she works so hard and deserves to be happy. Will keep Bonang in our prayers.


3 thoughts on “Bonang Confirms It ?

  1. Bonang is such an awesome woman,she’s not a girl but a WOMAN and therefore should be treated with respect… These 2nd grade guys don’t deserve her… She is far too smart to be played with,I think Euphonic must go for counselling,clearly he needs help upstairs!

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