She’s The Boss : Wendy Dikgole

This week we had the honour of interviewing Miss Dikgole. She is an inspiring young lady, she is passionate about what she does and she motivates me to work hard.

Q: Who is Wendy Dikgole?
A: Wendy is a simple chick who is from humble beginnings who was born in Mpumalanga but raised by her grand-mother and aunt(together with her siblings,older sister and brother) in Brits( North West Province)then moved to Johannesburg “Sandton” when she was 12 to live with her parents. As a teenager I was a loyal church attender and used to participate in music classes,playing violin. From a tender age(17) I was already juggling work and school. I’m a qualified Beauty Therapist, an Entrepreneur who co-own’s an Events Company( Zerobase Entertainment ) with 2 partners and the Founder of a young women’s Initiative called “Its a ladies thing” Wendy is a loyal,loving and caring person who believes in working hard in life.

Q: Take us through a typical day in the life of Wendy Dikgole?
A: My day starts with a prayer then I check my facebook notifications/ tweets and then I check my emails,make calls/meet with clients/ interviews/ plan for my upcoming workshops/ events/draw up proposals,attend workshops or events that are in-line with my work.

Q: Tell us more about The “Its a Ladies Thing” Initiative ?
A: Its a ladies thing is an initiative for young women between the ages of 18-late 30′(we also invite our mothers sometimes)This movement is aimed at empowering, motivating and inspiring young women from all walks of life, different backgrounds, career women/business owners through our workshops/motivational talks that we host. We meet to talk/share some of the issues that affect us as women and also to share each others knowledge so we can grow to be better people. We try teach these ladies to realize the positive impact they have in their society and to other young people who look up to them and see them as role models. We also give them the platform to start/grow their businesses.

Q: Share a highlight of your career?
A: The highlight of my career was after I had admired Wendy Luhabe for so long,I got an opportunity to sit down with her chat and laugh about anything else except business,when i was featured alongside her on the cover of Destiny Magazine together with the likes of Khanyi Dhlomo and Carol Bouwer as our Mentors.

Q: Would you encourage young South Africans to start their own business?  
A: I do encourage young people to start their own businesses but also to be the best they can be in their chosen career fields.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner?
A: Some of the challenges as a business owner comes when your business has to be first priority and anything you do or act on has to be for the good of the business, cutting down on spending freely , sometimes you go for months without a pay cheque, sleepless nights too.

Q: Three things you wish you knew when you started your business?
1. I wish I had a mentor when I started out in business
2. I wish I had more information on the kind of business I was going into .
3. I wish I had saved more money,however I feel challenges are there to build us and make us better strong business people.

Q: Tell us more about your upcoming event?
A: Our Upcoming Event is on the 30th June,its a High Tea Event that will be held at the Fire & Ice Hotel Melrose Arch,where will be joined by two of my favourite girls I just discovered this year as guest speakers Allegro Dinkwanyane and Masego Kunupi, hard working young people who I feel other ladies can also learn a lot from,through their journey’s in business. We going to start at 2-5pm. Topic for the day is “Self Love”. Dress Code is Smart( Black and White outfits with pearls/gloves/your best hat). For bookings or inquires email

Q: How do you personally define success?
A: Success for me is being happy with yourself/your life and with anything you do and doing it to your best ability and loving it!

Thanks to Wendy for taking time to answer our questions, we wish her all the best.


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