Ladies, what happened to self-respect

I was on the Gautrain minding my own business and an “elderly man” sat next to me. He greeted me and out of respect I greeted back. So this man ask’s where I’m going and I said Sandton and he asked if I’m studying and I replied yes and continued “pressing” my blackberry and he says “You are very pretty” and I was kinda shocked but I replied thank you then he proceeded by asking for my number and I declined his request and he asked why and I told him I don’t give strangers my number. He said “Let’s get to know each other, we can have lunch in Sandton and I’ll take you shopping and during lunch we’ll discuss the Durban July , I can provide you with accommodation, tickets and outfits” he kept on mentioning the words “Unlimited Budget”

Wow I was so shocked. I thought about back In Matric when a girl in my class was “dating” a 34 year old, that time we were 18. She called him her “sponsor”, everyone knew about it, she wasn’t ashamed nor did she even try to hide it. Why do ladies agree to such ? Receiving money or gifts from him: Is that his way of saying “I like you, I want to spend time with you, I want to sleep with you, but I’m not prepared to have a commitment ”

Like honestly, if he met you in a short dress shaking your bum at a club and you decide to go home with him, do you expect him to respect you?
Fact about a sponsor/sponsee relationship is that as a lady when you accept money, cars, gifts and basic need items from a man in exchange for a casual sexual relationship it’s a form of prostitution.

Ladies have you ever been in a relationship where you thought you were being “sponsored”, do you feel you were wrong? Do you believe this person was doing what you needed them to do out of selflessness or just to get what they wanted?


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