She’s The Boss : Dorcas Pooe

This week we feature Miss Calibre – Business Woman, Model Manager and Shoetique !

Q : Name of business?
A : Calibre Couture

Q: When and how did the business open?
A: I’m a shoe lover and when I couldn’t find fabulous affordable shoes in the country I would import my shoes. Got compliments from a lot of ladies who couldn’t get enough of my gorgeous pairs and would ask where I bought them, that’s when my shoetique was unleashed.

Q: How long has it been operating?
A: Before I could get started I had to do my market research, find my niche’ market and raise the capital for the business, as I already had suppliers.
Then eventually in September last year I started operating on all social networks and the response was amazing. I’m currently busy designing the most fabulous online shoetique which should be up and running by spring as my client base increased rapidly across the country.

Q: Tell us more about your business (100 words)?
A: Calibre Couture is a dynamic shoetique which offers a unique variety of the most fabulous, sophisticated and edgy affordable shoes for women. 

For our shoe-lovers to be at the top of their game with the latest trends, we search endlessly for the highest-quality, most unique footwear available to ensure that they are updated with the latest shoe trends and future seasonal collections.  

Q: Share a highlight of your career?
A: Most ladies love shoes, so being able to supply them with daring shoes from designers across the world just excites me, hence I’m planning of setting up a streamline of shoetiques across the country and abroad.  As well as so many other things I have in the pipeline, so the highlight is still to come. 

Q: Would you encourage young South Africans to start their own business? 
A: Ofcos, I do it all the time.  Youth empowerment is one of the key factors in our development process as a country.  I get so inspired seeing determined young people taking up challenges to turn things around by starting their own businesses to create jobs and new wealth.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner?
A: There are very busy days and very quiet ones, but that’s just the norm in any business.  I come across difficult clients all the time and sometimes experience delays in my shipment being delivered. The difference in our time zone and that of my suppliers also make it difficult to communicate with them on the phone anytime I need to, so I mostly speak to them in the evenings.  And ofcos, the inflation rate.

Q: Three things you wish you knew when you started your business?
A: I’m from a business orientated family background and I studied international business.  I’ve always been passionate about managing my own company and building an empire but I tend to tread very carefully when making business decisions, hence I started very small and as my business grows, I will invest in stores and other assets.

Q: How can people contact you?
A: Twitter: @CalibreCouture, @__JustDee__
Facebook Fan Page: Calibre Couture
Mobile No. 082 709 2787BBPin: 27B18EB3

Q :How do you personally define success?
A: My biggest competitor is myself and once I plan to do something I need to achieve it, be it in a year or 10 years.  Therefore, my success is when I’m able to accomplish my personal goals and move to the next challenge. 

We Wish Miss Calibre all the best !


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