Q&A with iFani Haymani

His birth name Ayifai, it’s Xhosa for “It’s not the same” known as iFani Haymani pronounced as eye-funny. He is known as that xhosa rapper with a sick flow.

I recently had a chat with him to find out a bit more about the man behind the hit single “Ewe”

Q: Please give us a brief bio, where are you from where do you live and how did you get started in this field?
‪‪A: Born in Mthatha n raised in PE. Went to cape town for a hustle then came to Jozi late 2007. And jozi seem to be happening so I’ve been here since :)‬‬
‪‪I started in 2005 as south African Hiphop started blossoming. I wanted to join the sa hustle coz I had been loving rap music for some time. The snoop dogg n Dre, biggy, PAC etc introduced me to the genre and prokids n selwyns made it look possible for me. They gave me a dream.‬‬

Q: When did you first discover your creative talents?
‪‪A: I wasn’t always creative 🙂 I just always wanted to be someone who does better than the last time. I guess creativity grew from there. I started rappin in 2005 and went from garbage to wack to ok to average to good to better to…now and I’m moving towards awesome and best :)‬‬

Q: How would you describe your “life journey” up to today, in 5 words or less.
‪‪A: Unforgiving and unfair. Heartbreaks n victories.‬‬

Q: What would you say inspires you to keep going through the rough struggle of a up and coming artist?
‪‪A: The hunger for success. I really want to make my dreams come true. so for that, i’ll pay any price.‬‬

Q: Who are some of your major influences when making music?
A: ‪‪My friends and the artists I view as competition.‬‬

Q: What other musicians/artist do YOU listen to on your free time?
‪‪A: I’m listening to a lot of underground cats because my facebook friends keep sending me links of their favorite rappers and some are rappers who want to share their music. That’s my music these days.  ‬‬

‪‪Q: Describe your dream, Where would you like to see your career in 5 years? 10?
‪‪A: In the dome. Fully booked. And its all Hiphop heads lined up. Big stage and special effects. That’s my dream.‬‬

‪‪Q: Any shows coming up you would like to let the fans know about?
‪‪A: Check me out on the gausports awards this month on tv.‬‬

‪‪Q: Do you have an album out? In the works? When can we expect it and what story does it tell if any? Videos?
‪‪A: I have two videos out and two more to drop before the summer hits. Then another two in summer.‬‬
‪‪I’m not focusing on the album yet, just song after song after songs. If I get signed then maybe an album might pop. I just cnt afford it right now.‬‬

Q: If you could work on a song with ANY artist, who would you pick and why?
‪‪A: Bongani Fassie. Coz he’s the best producer I’ve ever heard and seen walk our land. Talent beyond measure.‬‬

Q: Last question is, Why do you do this? (money, fame, family, prove yourself)‬‬
A: ‪‪Coz I have big dreams. So I’m following them.‬‬

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. Wish you all the best !

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