She’s The Boss : Heather Hook

This week we interviewed Heather Hook of Haiku Productions. She’s our Female Entrepreneur of the week and below she tells us more about her business…

Q: When and how did the business open?
A: We opened in December 2011, after a few months of discussion with my now business partner, Sean Moss. We had both been working full time for other companies and really felt the need to be able to do our own thing, and express ourselves through classy and unique events – and so Haiku Productions was born (a Haiku is a Japanese poem, which is only 17 syllables – short and to the point, but leaves the reader with a beautiful image in their mind)

Q: How long has it been operating?
A: We have been operating for 7 months now.

Q: Tell us more about your business (100 words)?
A: Haiku is an events production and management company based in Johannesburg. We undertake projects that inspire and fulfill our highest values and inspirations – if it resonates with us we know that it will be a success because our hearts and souls are in it. The events we produce and manage will create change – within an individual – this country – and this world.

We aim to educate whilst promoting events – encouraging people to learn new things, and hopefully awaken within themselves the fire that ignites their passions the ways ours is ignited to do what we love.

To take our events globally is everything for us – how can one reach the world if you stay locked in your own city or country – to be able to educate and bring passion and purpose to the rest of the globe is our vision for this company.

Q: Take us through a typical day in the life of Heather?
A: My days vary in structure, but I usually start work at about 7am – we assist a number of other companies with their online media and marketing – and I tend to get that done first in the day, then answer emails and make telephone calls. I attend meetings between 11 am and 4 pm most days, with clients or suppliers, and if we are not hosting entrepreneurial events in the evening, I work on advertising material and concept innovation until about 11pm or so – its long hours – but I view it as worth it for the end result.

Q: Share a highlight of your career?
A:   One of my biggest highlights thus far is signing Tiamara Williams, the “Oprah” of New Zealand on to our books – we are launching her in South Africa in October – it is such an honour to be working with someone of her calibre as a fledgling South African company – we are very blessed.

Q: Would you encourage young South Africans to start their own business?  
A: I would definitely encourage young South Africans to start their own businesses – if you have a great concept and passion for what you do – then nothing can hold you back. We live in a land of great opportunity, if you want to make a name and a way for yourself – we are in the right place to do it for sure!

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner?
A: Challenges vary for each business, but for us start up funding is a difficult one – we don’t qualify for funding – so it can be a bit hair raising at times, and also selling your concept to big corporate’s for their involvement – finding someone to buy in to your dream can be challenging – but you can’t give up – the right thing will come along.

Q: Three things you wish you knew when you started your business?
– Get everything on paper and signed by all parties involved
– Be careful who you talk to about your ideas – event concepts can easily be stolen
– You will work harder than you have ever worked have in your life – but the rewards are so worth it

Q: How can people contact you?
A: I can be contacted on +27 82 472 3172 or Twitter @heatherhook2 or visit our site

Q: How do you personally define success?
A: For me success is not a once off feeling – it watching your efforts pay off each time an event takes place, becoming a fixture on the eventing scene and knowing that people are looking forward to your events, because they can learn and see new things and enjoy themselves. 

Thanks to Heather for taking time to answer our questions we wish her all the best! 🙂


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