Black Coffee and Frisco’s House Party of The Year

I’m so greatful and excited.. I received an invite to the Black Coffee Frisco Party. The party is on the 23rd of June 2012 at a secret location ! The guestlist includes VIP guests : Celebrities, Media and lucky Frisco consumers who have won tickets to the event.

DJ Black Coffee South Africa’s most popular House DJ will be on the decks at this exclusive party !! The way I ♡♥♡ Him !! I can hear his song in my head now LOL “You Rock My World..When You Move, When You Dance, I Go Crazy”

If you didn’t know DJ Black Coffee is working with one of the South Africa’s best instant coffee brands, Frisco for the “Get mugged by Frisco & DJ Black Coffee” campaign which is giving consumers and celebrities the “wide awake shake”.

To enter you must like the Frisco Facebook Page then use the ‘Mug a Friend’ App to nominate a friend ! You’ll automatically be entered into the lucky draw for incredible prizes and tickets to the party hosted by Frisco and DJ Black Coffee!

You can also follow them on twitter for daily updates

Woohoo! Can’t wait to network and have FUN! .


7 thoughts on “Black Coffee and Frisco’s House Party of The Year

  1. I heard about this party! Seems like its gonna rock, you must post pictures heiress and next time can I be your plus one 😉

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