EVENT REVIEW : Gauteng 2012 Miss SA & SA Teen Workshop

I attended The 2012 Gauteng Miss South Africa/Miss SA Teen/Model/Self Improvement Workshop which was held at The Sandton Sun Hotel on Sunday 24 June 2012.

The MC and host was the lovely Gauteng Scout and Former Miss South Africa Lorna Potgieter-Rossetti

The First Speaker was Wendy Futcher – Pageants and Fashion Event Executive at Sun International. She told us more about her job, how she works with the ladies. The importance of charities, media and sponsors. The difference between Miss Universe and Miss World. Sounds like a cool job !

Remona Moodley , Thuli Sangweni and Tasha Jenneker were called onto stage. They told us about their experiences, what they learned, what they are doing now and Thuli’s tip was that you should have fun and be yourself!

Peter Morey was the next speaker. He told us about the importance of the pictures you use to apply with. The pictures are your ‘CV’, your only chance to be called in for an interview.

Natalie Petersen discussed a lot of things, I really enjoyed her presentation. As a woman you should look after your skin – Face and Body included. From your hair line to your toes. Your nails should be neat. Every lady must own eye cream, neck cream, hand cream. I was shocked ! It was the first time I hear about something called neck cream. She also said “Your eyes, neck, hands don’t lie about your age… Look after them, Your Skin Is an investment”.

The 5th Speaker was our Reigning Miss South Africa Melinda Bam , WOW Miss. Bam , I don’t even know where to start. She is a shining star who stands out among the others. She is a true role model and inspiration to all… She told us about her journey thus far and how she loves meeting south africans . She told us about her charity and the funds she’s raising for them. She shared a story with us and started crying, I couldn’t hold back my tears, I was so touched, I am still touched. She will always be my favourite Miss South Africa.

She shared 7 Tips:
1. Know that your tue identity is where your strength lies.

2. Be teachable… Choose your mentors wisely. Coaches choose you, you can choose your mentors.

3. First impressions might be your only impressions.

4. A book will always be judged by it’s cover, make sure your outside resembles you inside.

5. Comfort is a trade off for growth. Growing is supposed to be painful it is vital to go forward.

6. Leaving something of yourself behind, doesn’t mean losing yourself.

7. The person who forgets the ultimate is a slave to the immediate.

All in all she really is beautiful inside and out!

We had a short interval where light refreshments were served.

Then, Kieno Kammies spoke. His presentation was so funny. He was giving the ladies tips. He is a Miss South Africa Judge! Wow that guy. I spoke to him during the interval he’s so humble.

Celeste Khumalo is a beautiful young lady, her story really inspired me. She shared with everyone how she wanted to study after matric but couldn’t afford it so she enter The Miss South Africa Teen Beauty Pageant KNOWING that she WILL win, so she could get a bursary from Varsity College. This young lady is ambitious and has learned to develop a thick skin. She seems so real.

Wow!! Wayne Stafford’s presentation !! Can someone give him an award? A TV Show Maybe !! I loved it !! Huge Shout Out To Him !

We had another interval. This one was really short !

Then, JJ Schoeman discussed the 3 C’s and importance of your image. I couldn’t really hear what he was saying because he wasn’t articulating but yaah .

A lady from Heads Models gave ladies who want to be in the modeling industry REAL advice. I loved her honesty.

The Last speaker was Bokang.. Bokang Thee BOKANG Montjane… Wow This Lady!! A woman of substance indeed! She raised funds to build a library in her home town, wow so impressed. She’s so passionate about education, I love her for that. She said if you are meant to be Miss South Africa then it will happen. ‘ Destiny can be delayed but not denied’ – Bokang Montjane.

Everyone received notes and a certificate and wonderful ‘Goodie Bag’. At the end of the workshop they also had a luck draw and gave away prizes including a Blackberry Phone- (earphones, pouch, charger, car charger), Cadbury Hampers, Camera, Designer Sunglasses, Appliances, Jewellery, Watches, Cosmetic and Hair product hampers, Shoes, Handbags, Leather Jackets and many more.

I am so luck and blessed to have had an opportunity to attend this event. I’ve learned so much.

I rate this event 5 out of 5 . I cannot wait for the 2013 workshop, I will definitely attend!

The crowing of Miss South Africa 2012 will be on the 9th of December 2012. Check http://www.misssa.co.za for more information.

* Did you attend the event ? Your thoughts ? *



Goodie Bag Content

Goodie Bag Content

My Certificate

My Certificate

Miss SA Teen - Celeste Khumalo

Miss SA Teen – Celeste Khumalo

Wayne Stafford

Wayne Stafford


11 thoughts on “EVENT REVIEW : Gauteng 2012 Miss SA & SA Teen Workshop

  1. Bokang’s speech! Wow like she’s blessed ay. I was so emotional, I love her and will always respect her. She has a great heart, all of them have great hearts. Even Melinda I love the way she was so bubbly and interacting with everyone. I really enjoyed myself.

  2. This workshop was truly awesome. I can just imagine the number of sleepless nights that went into planning it. Lorna and her team did a brilliant job! I learnt sooooo much! I loved everything about it. I especially hearing from the former Miss SA’s. I loved that Bokang said: the glits and glam already comes with the title, but what you really want to do, is touch lives.

  3. I had an awesome day there!! We learnt soooo much, got amazing goodies… It was a heavenly experience….. Thanks to Lorna and her team for organising such an event


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