Like Seriously !

I was reading tweets on my time line and something caught my attention. A tweet by @KeroCarrots.
RT @KeroCarrots: Different parties, same performers … every weekend. Surely we have many artists in SA *shrugs*

This is so true. Its always the same crowd, same celebrities, different events. I never understand why people always attend events that have the same people on the ‘guestlist’. Don’t you get tired of seeing each other ? I hate it when V Entertainment attends an event they DON’T even show us what’s happening at the event, asking ‘Celebrities’ questions. Every episode the same celebrities.

I feel like most South African Musicians are talented but they are denied the opportunity to be exposed to South Africans and rest of the world, when those that already have been privileged enough to have opportunities get to perform at different events EVERY night or even worse when international artists come here and make money and then go.

I honestly fail to understand the entertainment industry. Can we give other kids a chance?

Phew, enough venting for now !

Guest Blogger : TumiBrown


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