Dear V Entertainment

For those not in the loop, V Entertainment is a South African Version of E! . Episodes are up on Vuzu TV (DSTV Channel 123).

Dear V Entertainment,

I know that deep down, you have intentions to inform us about local and international gossip and entertainment news. Please note I am a huge fan.

But I digress.

The episode you aired on Wednesday 4 July was by far the worst episode of V Entertainment, The content was ok I guess, the presenting was B A D ! I’ve been watching V Entertainment for the past couple of years, From the Lovely Nonhle Thema, to the sexy Lala Hiriyama, to Siyabonga Ngwekazi, yes these presenters know what they are doing, but the presenter you had last night, does she even have any presenting experience?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say last nights show did more harm than good. Here are some tweets by other viewers:

@MsTabbySo: Weee ma, between the content and the presenting, this is the worst episode of V Entertainment I’ve seen in a while!”

“@Twinsista_E2: Presenting is not for everyone, nje “@Zaquiisha: Is lerato nervous or what on

@IRunFromOldMen: I truly hope that was a trial run for Lerato on Vuzu, she shouldn’t present TV shows…. EVER . 😐

It was really boring, her voice is boring, she looked bored.

I know that your intentions are genuine – But for future reference can you get guest presenters who are not only ‘Popular’ but who actually have talent. The idea is there but the execution just sucks.

PS: I’m a huge fan and I’ll be watching tonight.

Boitumelo Bapela

Guest Blogger : TumiB


5 thoughts on “Dear V Entertainment

  1. Doubt Vuzu will even read this, they don’t even respond to emails. That channel is just a waste, the only nice thing they have is reality shows, I must say I enjoyed Dineo’s Diary. The way I laughed when she was taking shots at Nonhle Thema, LOL Nonhle is probably planning a come back. It was hilarious. Anyway I didn’t watch v ent yesterday but judging by the tweets, it must have been really bad, like every1 had something bad to say.

  2. I saw it, it was that chic Lerato from Big Brother.. Ya shem V Entertainment dissapointed their viewers yesterday. I love how your letter is in a respective manner.

  3. LOL the way I’m laughing and people at the office are staring at me. I watched it, Lerato is a nice person, she’s bubbly and what not but I think she must stick to being famous for being famous, TV Presenting has its people eg Bonang, Dineo Ranaka, Dineo Channel O, I just love the Dineos lol.

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