On Friday 13 July 2012, Bonang Matheba posted a tweet “@Bonang_M: So Drum Magazine put me on their cover without even interviewing me…. LOL! I actually have never in my life….” which led many to think that Drum Magazine has fabricated a story.

Don’t understand why they didn’t call each other. Such things on twitter.
Drum only replied on Saturday 14 July

DRUM Editor Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa’s response to the Bonang’s DRUM cover issue


I have noted with much disappointment some comments posted on Twitter and Facebook regarding our cover star Bonang Matheba. 

While Bonang Matheba  did not avail herself for an interview I personally met with her legal representatives to discuss the merits of our story.

We also ensured that her response to the allegations made against her was published in full and that it met both legal and ethical requirements.

DRUM’s values are integrity, professionalism , respect and ubuntu .

I therefore urge you refrain from making misinformed  judgement or posting derogatory remarks against Bonang Matheba orThemba Nkosi  ( DJ Euphonik) on DRUMS’s social media  platform. We will remove your post.

I look forward to continuing our meaningful conversations on all issues affecting  us, our communities and society at large  in a constructive and respectful manner.

Khosi via Drum Magazines’s Facebook Page

Well honestly I don’t know whose lying or whose telling the truth, I used to like Bonang a lot ; but lately she is associated with a lot of DRAMA which will damage her brand sooner or later.

I hope DRUM Magazine and Bonang solve this matter privately, hate it when people fight on twitter.

Your Thoughts? Whose Lying?

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3 thoughts on “DRUM – BONANG – DRAMA

  1. Bonang Annoys Me! She’s big headed these days I guess that’s what fame does to people would rather be unknown.

  2. Drum did the story via Bonang’s lawyers, which the queen okayed… But is seems she thought it was one of the stories the mag would run with and not a “cover” story, the queen would have otherwise availed herself for a photo shoot hence the pic is old… She’s got braids now!

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