A good quality vodka is distinguishable by its finish. Good premium vodka has a smooth taste and possesses quality textures while badly produced vodka tends to burn your mouth and throat.


In 2011 the Cruz Premim Vodka Company was founded by David de Mardt. David’s dream was to create a premium, fashionable, international vodka brand intensely pure vodka made from the finest American winter wheat, blended with pure water producing a vodka with intense purity and exceptional smoothness CRUZ INFUSIONS.

Cruz Vodka has two flavours infusion of caramel delight and cruz super premium vodka resulting in a rich smooth taste irresistibly delicious and infusion of pink candy and Cruz super premium vodka resulting in a candy floss sensation irresistibly delicious.

The infusions are made with charcoal filtered premium triple distilled vodka.

You can also find it at one of your favourite clubs:
• Hush Club – Rosebank 
• Latinova
• Liquid Chefs
• Taboo – Sandton
• VIP Room
• Newscafe
• Buddha Ta
• Cappello’s
• Cubana

Cruz Vodka is also available at Makro, Ultras, PNP liquors, Tops at Spar, Picardi and many more stores. You can check their facebook pageand @CruzVodka

The ever-expanding varieties of flavoured Vodka is popular with Vodka lovers, but Cruz Vodka is not only flavoured Vodka but South Africa’s first Cruz Candy infused Vodka.


We will be giving away 1 hamper to a luck Heiresss reader.
All you have to do is follow @CruzVodka and @Heiresss , Keep on checking @_Heiresss ‘s timeline on Friday 17 August and at any time, We will post a question regarding Cruz Vodka. The first correct answer wins. Official Hashtag : #CruzHeiressGiveAway

Thank you to Cruz Vodka for giving us permission to write this review. The company has a great social media presence and who responded promptly to our messages.


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