[LIST] : New Judges For 2012 Miss SA Pageant

According to Sowetan the Miss South Africa office chose a new panel of celebrity judges for the 2012 Miss South Africa pageant, the panel includes Former Generations Actress Sonia Sedebe, Metro FM sports anchor and TV personality Robert Marawa, popular DJ and TV presenter Anele Mdoda and Cape Talk DJ Kieno Kammies and Former Miss SA Sonia Raciti will remain the principal judge.

Wow ! Was Gert Johan Fired? Honestly I don’t think this was a good decision, lately the Miss SA office has been making drastic decisions.

Getting celebrities with no pageant experience involved is not the way to go, or perhaps they want to increasing ratings for Road to Miss SA.

As I sit here I realise the downhill of this pageant. It used to be the cream de la cream, now its a madhouse, seems like its not even a privilege anymore to be crowned Miss SA. It used to be a prestigious event, I’m actually starting to despise this pageant. I’ve never been to the event, but when you watch it on tv it seems so glamorous, now it has become nothing.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source : Sowetan


2 thoughts on “[LIST] : New Judges For 2012 Miss SA Pageant

  1. Wow you have a strong opinion about this, I agree, you can’t take a sports anchor and DJs and make them judges for an event like this, that’s crazy no one will take it seriously.

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