SISTA OF THE WEEK : Phuti Mahanyele

Phuti Mahanyele was born in Soweto and grew up in Claremont township outside of Durban. In 1976 Malabie and her younger sister moved to Lesotho to live there for the year as the country underwent political turmoil.

She studied and matriculated at Mc-Auley House Convent in Johannesburg, where she says that she experienced her first dose of racism. After completing her degree at age 20 and had no idea what she wanted to do so she continued studying. After completing her MBA thesis she decided that she wants to go into the Investment Banking field. She came back to South Africa where she worked for Development Bank now known as Standard Bank.

She he was awarded the “Most Influential Woman in Government and Business by Financial Services” in 2009 and also listed as one of the Top 50 women in the world to watch by the Wall Street Journal .

Phuti was head hunted by Cyril Ramaphosa to become the MD of the Shanduka Group, she worked her way up and was appointed as the CEO.

She’s one of the most respected people in the corporate world. She is determined, she is passionate about her job and most importantly she is passionate about education. This lady is greatness defined, this is why she’s our SISTA OF THE WEEK.


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