Letter From Bonang Matheba

Bonang posted a letter on her website www.bonangmatheba.com WOW! It really touched me and I felt like crying (Tears of Joy) halfway through the letter.

Here are my favourite quotes:

“ It’s been an unforgettable 5 years, filled with lots of drama, hardwork, lots of emotion and lots of smiles and tears. Live has changed my life so much- because of this amazing platform, I was able to fulfill my wildest dreams: having my own clothing range, my own radio show, countless endorsements deals, my own fashion line- Baby Star Fashions and ultimately my own production company- Bonang Matheba Entertainment. I have watched myself transform from a wide eyed 18 year-old, to a successful 25 year-old Executive Producer and businesswoman. ”

“ The new chapter includes a new tv show which will will air on SABC 1 in November 2012, a new fragrance and a new handbag range all launching end of 2012. ”

“It is a VERY big step for me but one that was very necessary “ ~ Truth

Permanent Link To The Letter HERE


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