Getting To Know Blayze

Dylan King, aka Blayze, is a musician, producer and CEO of Blayze Entertainment. You might remember his first single, “Jozi’s Finest”, one-of-its-kind collaboration fusing different artists, styles and languages. It was the first video to be shot on the Gautrain and showcased Johannesburg as a city, incorporating prominent landmarks.

We sat down with Blayze and got to know this musical genius.

Who is Dylan King, where are you from and how did you get started in this field?
I am a producer/artist who has always loved music and entertainment. I got into music in high school and got hooked on Hip Hop. I also used to hear a lot of blues music because my dad was a fan. I listened to everything from Hip Hop, to rock to dance, house blues etc. I was lucky to be exposed to a lot of different genres of music through friends, family etc. From there I started writing my own lyrics, and also got into DJing briefly. It was only much later on that I started getting into producing and recording. As much as I loved listening to music I had always wanted to make my own music. So I bought some very entry level equipment and software and starting making beats. It remained a hobby for sometime until I eventually decided that I wanted to pursue music and entertainment full time. After a lot of thinking I resigned from my job and got into the music business…and the rest as they say is history.

How did you get the name Blayze?
Blayze was an old graffiti tag I used when I was younger defacing public property hahaha! My apologies to the dentist on Brink street with that white wall I re-decorated…The piece I did was good though…in my defence…

When did you first discover your creative talents?
In primary school I started drawing. I loved drawing. I kept a scrap book with drawings of characters and graffiti I drew. From there I guess it flowed into other avenues in terms of writing, rapping and ultimately making music.

How would you describe your “life journey” up to today, in 5 words?
One hell of a ride…

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you first started?
Trust yourself, You have everything that you need to be able to do everything that you want to.

What are the major challenges that you face as a public person, are you free to do whatever and with whomever you want?
I wouldn’t consider myself a public person as such. I don’t pay it any mind. But one draw back of putting yourself out there is that people express their opinions both positive and negative, and you quickly need to learn how to deal with the negative. Not everybody is going to like you or your music, some just say things out of spite, and that’s ok. You just have to take it in your stride and laugh it off.

Is there anything you have on your Bucket List -something in your life that you want to have or do, that has yet to be accomplished?
I want to travel more. I have been to 3 continents, but I want to see more.

How do you deal with the pressure of being a public figure and making sure that you do not lose yourself within fame and success?
Don’t surround yourself with the wrong people. Plain and simple. Stick with people who want the best for you, people that are honest with you, and who keep you grounded. The entertainment industry isn’t the pretty picture people think it is.

Career highlights?
Hearing my first song that I released on the radio….and hearing people and radio DJ’s loving the song. That for me is the biggest compliment. When someone listens to your music and says that they enjoy it, they play it all the time. That is a really cool feeling.

Getting into studio with some of South Africa’s biggest urban artists such as Pro, Ntukza (Teargas) Bongo Riot (Gang of instrumentals) Mariechan (Jamali).

How do you use the influence that you have on the youth and the entertainment industry to instill positivity and guide those who look up to you?
From day one I have always been preaching that if you want to achieve something make it happen. If you have a dream or something that you believe in and want to make it come true, then do it. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way, YOU do what YOU set out to do. Ive never been taught how to make music but I have had singles playlisted on radio in South Africa and Africa, and my music videos have been played across across every music video platform from MTV Base, Channel O, Trace TV and SABC. On thing to remember, erase anyone that doesn’t believe in you, it’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need the negative energy around you.

Live YOUR Dream!

Tell us about your experience as a Creative Recreation ambassador?
It’s been great. I was really honoured that they considered me and it took a while to sink in when they announced it. I love the brand and what itl represents “Live Life with Style”. My feet have never been this happy HAHAHA!

What’s your favourite quote?
My life motto: Dream Big Hustle Hard

Album/ New Single /Music Video coming out soon ?
I have a single out called Boomsound. Download it here. The video is on the way, as well as the next single! Follow me on twitter@BlayzeEnt and/or facebook Dylan Blayze King to hear about when it comes out!

What do you want to be remembered for?
Good music

You have so many wonderful things on your plate!l What’s next for you?
Try to take over the world!

Check out his website to download more of his songs.


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