My IMAN Cosmetics Experience

I had an awesome time at IMAN Cosmetics. I learned a lot about make-up and how make-up plays a significant role to build up personality and looking smart. IMAN Cosmetics has a wide range of products

I love how the make-up artist BK was friendly, kind and gentle. She gave me tips on how to apply basic make-up and taught me about the different types of foundations. She taught me how to match my skin tone with my foundation (Clay 5).

I wanted my make-up to be black and gold, so it could match with my dress . BK did exactly what I asked for. The look was natural, polished and most importantly it lasted all night (without getting greasy and shiny). I liked the finished look way better than any previous professional make-up application I’ve had.

The entire experience was amazing. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Amelia and her team. Everyone was amazing and made me feel special. I was thrilled with the end result and I’ll be back again. Thank you for making me feel special, it was an experience I’ll never forget.

By : Lerato


8 thoughts on “My IMAN Cosmetics Experience

  1. Isn’t iman the company that sponsors Boity and celetse khumalo? Isn’t it an american company? You looked lovely? How much do they charge?

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