She’s The Boss : Palesa Mashiyane

We had a chat with entrepreneur, law graduate and fashionista Palesa (@Pale_M) who told us more about her company.

What’s the name of your company?
Palululove is the name of the company and we are a experential fashion events company hosting events such as the Palululove Pop Up.

Tell us more about your company?
Palululove hosts a lifestyle and fashion Pop Up that happens every two months at different outdoor venues featuring various fashion brands and labels.Guests are invited to the event to enjoy a fashion show ,networking and most of all -shopping.

How long has it been operating?
Palululove was created in 2011 and we are in our 2nd year running hosting our Palululove Pop Ups.

Share a highlight of your career?
A highlight of my career has definatly been seeing the growth of the Palululove Concept. Palululove has been recognised by Glamour Magazine, Sunday Times Lifestyle, Elle magazine and a lot of fashion peers we respect, as a concept.The love we constantly receive from fashion media,fashion writers,fashion buyers and fashion lovers is the biggest highlight in the growth of a Pop Up business and my career as co creative director of such a business.

Would you encourage young South Africans to open their own businesses?
Yes, I would definitely encourage young South Africans to start a business. Take your dreams and goals into your own hands. We’re constantly waiting for others to make it happen for us. Grow your own ideas, believe in them and start your own initiatives.

What are some challenges you face as a business owner?
Some of the challenges I have faced in owning a fashion business is definitely getting people to trust in the brand and concept you are selling. That is the most important aspect of a business such as this. Every Pop Up our main stress is in spreading the word and getting people to get excited and attend the event. As the designers that sell at the Pop Ups depend on our target market attending.

Three things you wish you knew before you started your business?
•You spend alot of money before making money lol. This has taught me to use money wisely though and most of all,to be patient and put in the work necessary and not focus on instant rewards.
•Believe in yourself first before expecting others to believe in you.I used to take rejection and peoples ‘non belief’ very personally. There is still so much we want to do with Palululove,this is only the beginning but if we didn’t learn to have full belief in our plan and goals then we would never expect anyone else to. Especially the various sponsors we intend to collaborate with.

How do you define success?
Doing what you truly truly love and helping others through that. When you do what you believe you’re meant to do I believe that’s when you find your happy place and that’s when you attract all you desire.


One thought on “She’s The Boss : Palesa Mashiyane

  1. hey Pale my name is Prudence miss K i am really inspired by you and the work you doing keep it up and make us young woman proud i am also in fashion and i would love be in contact with you my e-mail address is looking forward to hear from you.

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