[Confirmed] : Miss SA Teen Gets Canned!

Another one bites the dust! We reported it earlier this year and yes, it has been confirmed.

The pageant that is responsible for launching careers of TV personalities such as Phuthi Khomo and Zizo Beda has been cancelled in an effort to streamline costs.

In a statement issued by Sun International they announced that Celeste Khumalo who was crowned in December 2011 would be the last reigning Miss SA Teen.

“We needed to better utilize the available resources and streamline costs by focusing our efforts on the Miss South Africa pageant. In order to accommodate the teen market we have lowered the entry level age for Miss South Africa pageant to 18 years,” -Sue Klerck (Sun International’s spokesperson).



5 thoughts on “[Confirmed] : Miss SA Teen Gets Canned!

  1. This Celeste girl was giving sun international problems, they probably don’t wanna deal with other lil girls and their nonsense anyway its not like if you were miss sa teen it meant anything. It means some people will lose their jobs

  2. Couldn’t they have asked the government for funds?The government wouldn’t say no to sponsor a pegeant that grooms South African girls to become leaders.It’s really a blow and is indeed disappointing.

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