MNet Million Rand Money Drop

Have you ever day-dreamed about what you would do with R1 Million in cash? Do you think you’d do well in a simple game of multiple choice? If your answer to both questions is a resounding “yes”, your dreams might just turn into reality with a brand-new M-Net game show windfall!

MNet has announced that a South African version of the hit game show Million Dollar Money Drop will be hitting our screens in the near future.

The show will see contestants starting off with 1 Million Rands cash which they then have to place on any of three different answers to trivia questions. After this is done, trap doors below the “answers” open under the incorrect options and contestants lose the money they perhaps have placed on those answers.

Audition Date:
Johanessburg : 25 and 26 October
Durban : 1 and 2 November
Cape Town : 8 and 9 November
Port Elizabeth : 16 and 17 November

MNet hasn’t confirmed the venues but you can check their site


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