My Always Platinum Experience

We recently wrote a product review on the new Always Platinum Pads and I received an email on friday from a reader who wanted to share her Always Platinum Experience.

Dear Heiresss

I read your product review on the new always platinum pads, so when I was at Pick n Pay last week I decided to buy and try them out.

The first thing that I noticed was that they are kinda pricey, I bought the small packet – 8 pads and its like R22. But anyway its ALWAYS their products are always good quality.

The pads are packaged in a pink soft material with floral prints. When I opened them I realized they smell really good too. They have this really nice scent and the pads are so soft. Definitely not like your normal pad.

I had a heavy flow and I was at the salon for 2hours when I got back the pad wasn’t even full or heavy. Wow that’s when I decided to contact you and let you know that your review was true.

ALWAYS Platinum Pads are the best pads ever. Will definitely buy them again next month.

Nthabiseng Makakaba

I’m glad people are reading my reviews and actually testing out the products. Have you tested the Always Platinum Pads!? Share your review with us in the comments section.


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