Get Involved, Do Something, Help Someone

Boikanyo Home for Disabled Children is shelter for children with various disabilities, including down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and mental retardation and runs with the help of volunteers and relies on the help from the community.

Boikanyo gets through every month on the wings of a prayer as they truly struggle financially. IMAN Cosmetics and Point of Difference is committed to offer Boikanyo support to obtain sponsorships and financial aid to be able to provide for these children.

We are in the process of planning the annual Christmas Party for our angels at Boikanyo.

Why reach out?
Investing in people is the most enduring legacy we can make. It is deeply gratifying that lives have been changed because somebody like you cares.

Want to be part of this life-changing experience? How can you help?
Sponsor a child for R120.00 (Includes: christmas lunch and a present).

If you would like to assist in anyway and even want to spend the day with the children please contact us.

Thank you for caring.

*Press Release*


5 thoughts on “Get Involved, Do Something, Help Someone

    • Hi Lindo, thank you for the vote of confidence 😉 Boikanyo is a really special place for really special angels!! I hope we see u ther! We will have final arrangements by mid Nov

  1. I’m in high school and can’t really contribute money but would love to come and play with the kids if the xmas party is in pretoria I’ll come

    • Oh Wow Thanks Zanele! That is amazing!! You are more than welcome to spend the day with the kids!! We will have final arrangements by mid Nov and chances are VERY good that it will be in Pretoria!! Many blessings ❤

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