RECAP 2 – Road To Miss SA

Episode 2 of 6 of Road to Miss SA 2012 aired yesterday, 11 November on Mzansi Magic.

The first scene was with Make-Up guru Carl Isaacs whose workshop focused on 3 topics Make-Up, Hair and Clothes. Carl even changed 3 times to emphasis the importance of dressing correctly.

The girls were given a task to do their own hair and make-up and change outfits for a charity event where they’ll be planting a tree.

They were judged according to:
• Application of make-up for a day event.
• Hair
• Appropriate clothing.

Almost all the girls were wearing heels, I didn’t understand why someone would wear heels to go plant a tree. Charlotte Smith explained that she carries pumps in her bag. 5 points to Charlotte – Smart Move. Charne King was also the first girl to wear flats, she impressed the judges.

The Top 3
• Charne
• Natasha
• Dannelle

Bottom 3
• Ntsiki ( I agree with the judges she’s too young not ready to be a Miss SA, needs a lot of grooming workshops)
• Roxzelle
• Marika

They attended their second workshop with legendary ramp choreographer Mary Reynolds.

First lesson of the day : Smile, Smile, Smile
Miss South Africa has to smile continuously. 🙂

She taught them how to walk and helped them improve their walk. Dhesha seemed to be the most confident about her walk.

Mary also told them that people focus on your “ eyes, smile and walk”.

The second task was to walk to the end of the ramp and answer a question.

Some of the questions were easy most were tricky, I hated the way Roxzelle answered her question. While she was talking I had already made up my mind that she was leaving.

Top three for the second task were Simone, Cindy and Dhesha and the bottom three are Aisha, Michelle and Angelyn.

Four ladies had to go home and everyone was so emotional, I was even nervous and they announced that the road has come to an end for Aisha, Marika, Roxzelle and Ntsiki.

Only 28 ladies continue on the Road to Miss SA


One thought on “RECAP 2 – Road To Miss SA

  1. Charne is also my favourite. I don’t like Dhesa’s 4 earrings its creepy. She has 2 get rid of them soon, even the judges don’t like it did you see their facial expressions

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