RECAP 3 – Road To Miss SA

Week 3 of Road To Miss SA, this week’s first task is talking the talk. The girls attend a workshop with various speakers including the reigning Miss South Africa Melinda Bam.

We learn that Miss SA is a walking CV and we also learned some tips about networking.

“Hi, what do u do??” Is the worst opening line you could ever us, rather say “Hi, How do you spend most of your time?”

Image, compassion and confidence makes a great Miss SA.

Then it was off to the cocktail party, the ladies needed confidence, charm and a great dress to make a great impression

Judging Criteria:
– Appropriate conversation
– How the girls interacted
– How the girls were dressed

Top 3 :
– Charlotte
– Sonia

Bottom 3:

That had a workout with Lisa Raleigh, that was so hectic – I could imagine myself passing out. After the workout they were off to Task 2 (The Press Conference) where they had to answer questions from the media while the judges were also in the same room.

This was really tough for the girls, after today’s tasks most girls watching realized how difficult this competition actually is.

Judging Criteria
– How you handled the media
– How you answered the question
– Appearance

Top 4:
– Michelle
– Natasha

Bottom 3:
– Melissa

Today’s episode was my favourite so far. It’s the end of the road for Angelyn, Kylie, Mellissa and Nicole and only 24 ladies remain on the Road To Miss SA.


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