Melinda Bam’s send-off to Miss Universe

Melinda Bam‘s send-off event to Miss Universe was hosted at The Venue Green Park on Monday evening, the venue itself lived up to its name by being one of the most magnificent venues in Joburg.


I was impressed when I found out that Melinda was the first Miss South Africa to meet the Sun International board to discuss her charity work and that she’s involved in a lot of charity projects. During her thank you speech she could barely keep in her tears. It was such an emotional moment.

In a fight to keep the Mohau Centre in Kalafong open, Melinda joined forces with the Business for Empowerment Trust (BET) to raise funds for the centre which were in dire need of financial assistance. Melinda, along with the BET raised R200 000 for the centre.


Melinda also announced that she will be starting a clothing line called BamShell, cannot wait to wear my first BamShell creation. I was hoping she was going to tell us that she’ll be releasing a exercise video, Did you see her abs in Cosmopolitan? 😀

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak to her a couple of times and I can say this “she is definitely greatness defined. ” Miss SA 2012 has big shoes to fill.

PORTRAIT OUTFIT love the back

The Heiresss Team would like to wish Melinda all the best on her Journey to Miss Universe. You can tweet her your messages using the hashtag #MissUniverseSouthAfrica


3 thoughts on “Melinda Bam’s send-off to Miss Universe

  1. I think Melinda look gorgeous in every way and we all know that she has done very well so far and will continue with her beauty!

    Your cousin Caitlin!

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