[Event Review] : Annual Darling High Tea

We received an invite to the Annual exclusive Darling High Tea which was held last friday.

Upon arrival at Monte Casino we were greeted by the friendly Mangwanani River Valley Spa staff whom offered us something to drink.

We got on the bus and we traveled for an hour by the time we arrived at the spa it was hot, I was exhausted and hungry. I expected to find a lot of people but instead it was an intimate event.

We had breakfast then each had to stand up and introduce ourselves. Thuli Thabethe was the host, she shared with us her personal experience on hair and we had a debate, the “comrades” had a lot to say about maintaining healthy hair, I learned so many things about hair that I didn’t know.

I was so shocked to find out that some salons use sunlight dish washing soap instead of shampoo and we’ll never know because we never check what they use.

Nthato Mashihi – Make-up artist and stylist was the next speaker he was telling us about the do’s and don’t’s of trends. Then it was time to be pampered, started off with a foot massage then a lovely hot stone massage.

I was able to speak to Darling’s Marketing Manager Debbie Allorto, I was incredibly impressed with the down to earth persona she shared with everyone that morning. She welcomed all the guests with open arms! She made time to meet and greet everyone with an incredible sincerity that really showed the ingénue person she is!

Debbie Allorto, Darling SA Marketing Manager with Thuli Thabethe

Debbie Allorto, Darling SA Marketing Manager with Thuli Thabethe

Thanks to Darling for the invite. I had a blast and learned so much about hair.


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