Things To Leave Behind In 2012 (And What To Take Into 2013)

New Year’s allows us to clean the slate. To help gain clarity on what to take with and leave behind; here’s my opinion.

What to leave behind:

1. Stagnant friendships – You know the “friend” that only calls you when they have nothing else better to do; The ”friend” that feels the need to bribe you whenever they need a favour by telling you what you’ll get out of it; The “friend” who uses your achievements as a gauge to how they can outdo you. ALL of these “friends” need to be left behind as you step forward into the new year.

2. Bad Weaves – What the good Lord didn’t give,
those geniuses in the world of manufactured hair sure will.
But I can no longer tolerate the frontal flaps and weird
hairline fringes. Some weaves look like they bite. Not attractive.

3. Unhealthy Food – Unhealthy lifestyle choice = getting sick / overweight and eventually dying.

Write what you want to create for yourself: how you want
your life to look and feel. This list should be written in the
present tense and include all areas of your life: love, health,
family, wealth, friends, career, fitness, spirituality, etc.
Marinate, meditate and think on what you have written. Put
this list where you can see it on a daily basis. When you look
at this list, feel the feelings of having these things. By
conjuring the feelings, you become a magnet that will draw
the experiences to you.


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