USA Wins Miss Universe

Official Results:
Miss Universe 2012: USA, Olivia Culpo
1st runner-up: Philippines, Janine Tugonon
2nd runner-up: Venezuela, Irene Esser
3rd runner-up: Australia, Renae Ayris
4th runner-up: Brazil, Gabriela Markus

Top 10 Semi-Finalists:

-France, Marie Payet
-Hungary, Agnes Konkoly
-Mexico, Karina Gonzalez
-Russia, Elizabeta Golovanova
-South Africa, Melinda Bam

Top 16 Quarter-Finalists:

-Croatia, Elizabeta Burg
-India, Shilpa Singh
-Kosovo, Diana Avdiu
-Peru, Nicole Faveron
-Poland, Marcelina Zawadska
-Turkey, Çağıl Özge Özkul

Miss Congeniality: Guatemala
Miss Photogenic: Kosovo
Best National Costume: China

Well done to Melinda, SA is proud of you


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