IFani Announces The Release of His 1st Album

iFani Announces The Release Of ‘i believes in me [1st Quadrant]’ For 29 April 2013;Hip-Hop Futurist Set To Break New Musical Ground With His Debut Album

Xhosa hip-hop artist iFani will release his debut album ‘i believes in me [1st Quadrant]’ through Sony Music Africa on 29 April 2013. 

Pronounced “ Ayifani “ or “ eye-Funny” meaning “it’s not the same” in isiXhosa, iFani is best known for his independently released singles ‘Ewe’ & ‘See-Live,’ his major label follow up ‘Shake’ and most recently the hit ‘chocolate AND vanilla’ ft Blaksuga.

The album, recorded at Nyhan-Nyhan Studios in Jo’burg, constructed & recorded with a range of producers and songwriters (Bongani Fassie, SideEffex, St. Bosseratti, 37 MPH, Sixfo, THX, D-Slim, AirDee), features iFani collaborating with a number of different artists that include Blaksuga, Nomsa & Bongz. 

Despite these powerful collaborations, it is however iFani himself who holds the album together: conceptualising and delivering his music in isiXhosa, he has been labelled a ‘cultural futurist’ by virtue of blending his mother tongue with eclectic electronic beats.

Educated as an engineer at the University of Cape Town [BSc (Computer Engineering) & BSc (Hons) (Computer Science) ], iFani has focused his considerable academic skills toward engineering new music via a strong creative vision he has for his art form, and says: “I grew up loving art more than music. As a result every song I do begins with a drawing/sketch or a picture. Then I use rhythm, words and flow to reproduce that image. It’s a detailed process and soon you’ll get to see how I do this.”

New single ‘chocolate AND vanilla’ Video is now live on Youtube:

‘See Live’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7a-koZVjus 


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