Getting To Know : Kgomotso Christopher

We had a chat with Kgomotso Christopher actress best known for her role as Katlego Sibeko on Isidingo. Not only is she an actress but the glamorous Kgomotso is a MC, voice over artist and academic who has extensive international experience behind the scenes in the Television industry.

Tell me briefly about your childhood. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Tembisa in the East Rand.

How would you describe your “life journey” up to today, in 5 words?
Complex, Struggle, Adventurous, Miraculous, Blessed

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Completing my Masters degree at an Ivy League institution in the USA.

Tell us about your role as Mrs. Sibeko
She is the conniving wife to mining magnate Jefferson Sibeko. Viewers have come to know her as the villain with the venomous tongue. She speaks her mind and will do anything to protect the Sibeko empire.

What’s been the most challenging scene for you?
Most of my scenes are quite challenging because Kat is a character with very few simiIar personality traits to myself. I had a fight scene with Ma Agnes… The challenge was to keep serious while shooting a very comedic situation.

How do you use the influence that you have on the youth and the entertainment’s industry to instill positivity and guide those who look up to you?
My work has given me various platforms which I have been able to use to encourage and motivate our youth. I share my life’s journey and the challenges I have had in order to reach my goals and dreams.

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for the loving, supportive and courageous daughter, sister, wife and mother I strive to be everyday.

You have so many wonderful things on your plate! What’s next for you?
I am living in this moment and surrendering myself to the exciting present.

Complete The Sentence:

I can’t start my day without ….coffee
3 Must Have Beauty Products …..lipgloss, deodorant, makeup removing wipes
Favourite Colour ….canary yellow
Favourite Quote …. “All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely actors. Each with their own exists and entrances.” – William Shakespeare
I’m currently reading…. My scripts

Congratulations to Kgomotso, It takes a lot of hard work
and perseverance to achieve such accolades. I would like
to Thank “Kg” for taking time to answer my questions, I wish you all the best.

You can follow Kgomotso on twitter – @kgchristopher


9 thoughts on “Getting To Know : Kgomotso Christopher

  1. She has nice long legs. Should’ve been a model. Inspiring interview, she seems like a calm, family lady. Her answers show she’s mature


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