[Event] : Model Mentality Workshop

“Model Mentality ” workshop has been composed to cultivate a positive mentality in the youthful female heart. The fast moving pace of our modern reality makes it evermore challenging to attend to all levels of meaningful existence. The demand for direct, intense and expert dedication is an ever-increasing feature of modern society. Model Mentality has researched these societal demands on the livelihood of the young female and developed a program to facilitate those skills.

Model Mentality focuses on 6 elements:

1) Hair Care : To ensure that each lady is skilled in looking after her hairy crown in line with the latest fashion trends, we have engaged Gary Rom Hair Salon and his team to train our ladies with the latest
techniques and knowhow and inform you on the latest cuts and colors.

2) Skin Care : Nimue Skincare presents an expert course on every aspect of your skin, treatment of different skin types and textures, how to protect and care for your skin for a younger looking and more attractive skin in the future.

3) Cosmetics: Smashbox Cosmetics presents a participation course where different types of cosmetics for every skin type will be evaluated through practical training. You will be trained to apply cosmetics creatively in order to present the best features of your skin and profile during the day with natural cosmetics and different styles for evening wear.

4) Nutrition and diet : Every young lady wishes to feel comfortable and attractive in her own body. USN, one of South Africa’s foremost sport and health product manufacturers presents a course about healthy nutrition and dietary discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

5) Personal styling :Werner Wessels, official stylist of Miss SA Melinda Bam, has been perfectly qualified by LISOF (London International School Of Fashion) with an added passion to assist young ladies with personal style and panache, advice on what can be done with existing outfits clogging in your cupboard and what to get rid of through charity. Werner will disclose information about modern fashion trends and tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe.

6) Communication: Blackberry is one of South Africa’s top smartphone producers. Their team of expert has the latest tips on social network skills such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and how to use it positively to promote an influential public profile, while avoiding glitches. Social network etiquette is an important modern day skill to master.

The Model Mentality guest speaker and roll model is former Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam . Melinda will present an inspirational talk about femininity, important choices, and how to prepare yourself as a successful young adult with a future of endless opportunities. ”

Date : 1 May 2013
Venue : Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria
Cost per person : R450

Free refreshments to the value of R80 will be provided during the break by Stephnies, a facility that forms par of the Theater. Each young lady participant will receive a gift bag valued far more than R450-00, containing precious product information and sample products to experiment with at leisure.

To book a seat contact : 0723402754- Anja Van Zyl


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