Getting to Know : Marilyn Ramos

I had a chat with the lovely Marilyn Ramos known to most as Miss South Africa 2012.

I actually met Marilyn the night she was crowned Miss SA, you can read about my Miss SA 2012 Experience HERE

Tell me briefly about your childhood. Where did you grow up? When did you start entering pageants?
I come from a small town, but that has never stopped me from dreaming big. I was born and raised in Klerksdorp in the North West province and I always admired the city life and all its opportunities. I entered a couple of pageants in my early teen years and always enjoyed the girly glitz and glamour involved.

As a result of being involved in pageants, I also became more aware of and engaged with various charities, which opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me to be able to give back. That is what ignited my passion and drove me towards my goal of entering the Miss South Africa pageant.

How would you describe your “life journey” up to today, in 5 words?
Humbling, unordinary, passion-filled, blessed and breathtaking!

Pic: Garreth Barclay

What do your duties entail as Miss SA?
There are many daily responsibilities involved in being Miss South Africa, such as communicating and working with sponsors, media and charities. As a whole though, I believe that my role as Miss South Africa is to represent many South Africans, from the youths of our nation, women, the elderly or even animals. It is my duty to be a role model to them, giving them a positive, approachable and relatable iconic image to look up to.

Are you working with any charities during your reign? If yes; which one and why did you choose this specific “organization/foundation/home”?
I am working closely with Cotlands. I have been made acutely aware of the importance of children’s development, especially in the first 1000 days of their lives. In our efforts at Cotlands, we don’t just care for the little ones in their present state, we also try to provide them with positive future during this early, yet crucial, developmental phase which forms their foundation in life!

I am also involved with Nashua Mobile’s CSI projects at the Nkanyezi Stimulation Center as well as the School for the Deaf.

Before I was crowned Miss South Africa, I held the elderly close to my heart. I intend to visit as many old-age homes, retirement villages and hospices as possible throughout my reign, showing our elders appreciation, compassion and interest in a bid to make their worlds better and to put smiles on their faces.

Pic: Garreth Barclay

What do you want to be remembered for?
I am unique. No matter what I say, do or even try to do, my role and image as Miss South Africa will not be the same as any past title-holder. I am a soft and passionate woman and I want to be remembered for the light I radiate and for remaining true to myself above all odds. I want people to know that I have embraced each and every opportunity, being daring and always with a warm smile on my face.

You have so many wonderful things on your plate. What’s next for you?
I am overwhelmed by the thought that there are just so many doors opening for me at the moment. I believe it’s too early for me to ask “Where to next?”. I do know that there are greater things yet to come, whether it is being crowned the next Miss World, a career in television presenting or even opening my own fitness and wellness clinic!

Complete the sentence

I can’t start my day without… Prayer & coffee
My 3 must-have beauty products… Nimue 8 hour cream, Iman lipgloss, Baobab oil for my hair – We LOVE IMAN Products

Favourite colour… Red
Favourite quote… “GHD: Greatly blessed. Highly favored. Deeply loved”
I’m currently reading… “Heaven Is for Real”, the true story of a four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who experienced heaven during emergency surgery.

Thank You Marilyn for taking time to answer my questions. Heiresss Blog wishes you all the best at Miss Universe / Miss World.

You can follow Marilyn on twitter @MaRilyn_Za or @Official_MissSA

Pic: Garreth Barclay


Pic: Garreth Barclay

Pic: Garreth Barclay



5 thoughts on “Getting to Know : Marilyn Ramos

  1. Great interview Lerato. Marylin is a super star. SHe’s all she says she is and more. A true role model. her passion is can’t be hidden and thanks for showing it on your article. #Blessings and Love – MRS SA 2012

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