Album Review : I Believes In Me – iFani

I had the opportunity of interview iFani earlier last year, you can read the interview HERE

I was excited when I heard he has released his 1st album, I had to get myself a copy and obviously review it for my readers.

The album has 13 tracks, I like most of them, but I have a few favourites.

My Favourite Songs:

2. Ewe

“Ewe, Ewe, Ewe”, this guy can rap !!! Wow!!

3. Shake
Its a club banger, the song is fairly nice and could get a
number of folks on the dance floor. “Shake, Shake, Shake, Make it dangle lenge lenge”

5. Iingoma Ezimnandi.
The song has a good melody and has the potential of
being a grower and one of my favorites.

6. Chocolate & Vanilla (feat. Blaksuga)
Awesome track. Love the beat, this song is award worthy!

9. See Live
Dedication to C’Live the DJ , I think he was one of the 1st DJ’s to play iFani’s song on radio. Love the track!

10. Jonga
Jonga is an extraordinarily ecstatic song. ♥ It!! That’s all!

11. Milli
Potential Club Banger!! Deserves to have a music video!! When I heard this song I thought “WOW!! Where has this iFani guy been hiding!!! Talent on another level”

You should buy this album, wait in line if you
have to. It’s worth it. After that, put it on, play it, suggest it to someone else, give it as a gift. You’ll be happy you did.

Album Rating: 10 / 10


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