Greatest Love of All Opening Night

On May the 9th I attended Whitney Houston’s Musical Tribute : The Greatest Love of All opening night at the Joburg Theatre and boy was it the greatest night of all. As you can imagine I was sceptical at first about the idea of ANYONE trying to reenact Whitney Houston. Its a tough act to pull off. But the ever so stunning Belinda Davids, the amazing band, the beautifully set stage and the joburg theatre crew did more than pull it off…they NAILED it!

View the video HERE

For someone who hasn’t seen Whitney live in concert, this sure felt real! We danced to songs like “I wanna dance with somebody”; “My name is not Susan”, and we were moved to tears when she sang “I will always love you”. All the emotions I think Ms Houston tried to evoke with her music. I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone go see it. Its definitely a must see. Mark my words you’ll be blown away. Whitney lives on in our hearts forever!

Thank You Jodene for the invite! I had a blast


Friend (Left), Belinda Davids (Middle) & Miss Earth 2012 Tamerin Jardine (Right)

The show runs until June 2nd. Bookings: or call the ticket centre: 0861670670


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