Wella Koleston’s new brand ambassadors Shashi and Carl Isaacs

The saying goes, “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory” and in order to be truly captivating, our hair needs to look beautifully seductive. It is with this in mind that international hair expert, Wella, has launched its best ever hair colourant; Koleston. With a range of 20 shades now available in South Africa, Koleston promises you rich intense colour for truly beautiful hair. Now your beauty has a number; a Koleston number.

Wella is honoured to announce the launch of their new homecare colour range, Koleston to South Africa.

The colour range offers rich intense colour and promises to capture the essence of a woman’s sensuality as only Wella can.

 With the launch of the new colour range, comes the announcement of Koleston’s new brand ambassador, Shashi Naidoo and hair and beauty expert, Carl Isaacs.

“Inside us all, exists a goddess who luxuriates in her own passionate mystery purely because she is a woman. For me, my hair is the key to unlocking the sensual power of my inner goddess, which is why I choose Koleston Colour Crème. I believe that Koleston exists to unapologetically celebrate the sensuality in every woman,” says actress, model and socialite, Shashi Naidoo.  

_Press Release_


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