20 Favourites

I’m turning 20 in a few months and I’ve decided to share with my readers my 20 favourite things (People / Places / Food etc)

1. Fanta Orange

Absolutely my favourite drink. I buy a can everyday on campus!! I love Fanta!! Coca-Cola Company’s gift to us.

2. Friday
Friday = 5 to week

3. Nandos Chicken

LOVE Nandos Chicken!! I could eat it every day!! I’m even considering applying for a Job there so I can see how they make it.

4. IMAN Lipstick

I received this lipstick as a gift from Ameila last year. I’m not a makeup fan, I only apply makeup when I have to and when I do, I always apply my IMAN Lipstick. I love the colour and the long lasting effect it has.

5. Mc Donald Fries

6. 2013 Kia Picanto

Working Hard and saving for this car! I love everything about it!! Definitely a car I’d love to own before 2015

7. Vuzu TV

DSTV Channel 116. Great Youth Channel with the best tv shows. The home of SA’s Best Reality Shows; my favourite Reality Show of all time has to be Dineo’s Diary. I love this channel.

8. Melinda Bam

Amazing, Humble lady, Role Model! Love this lady!!!

9. Vodacom

I got my first phone in 2002/2003 and I got a Vodacom Sim Card. I’ve had the same number ever since. LOL eish I still have the Blue Sim Card and Voda has changed their branding. I always see people complaining on twitter and facebook about bad network or something, I honestly never experience any problems.

10. Mamelodi Sundowns FC
Lose or Lose.. I’ll always support this team. It would be nice to win a match #JustSaying 🙂

11. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

12. Wakaberry FroYo

The Best thing that has ever happened to SA. I love their Lime Ice Cream with Jelly Tots!!! My Fave

13. Sour Jelly Beans

14. Sun City

15. My Blackberry
Even though it’s super slow and I have to take out my battery and reboot 3 times a day, I still like my blackberry.

16. Quote
You make the world a more beautiful place just by being in it.

17. Standard Bank

My Access Save Account is the best thing ever. Since I opened that account I’ve been motivated to save money!

18. Jay_Jays

19. KFC Krusher

Very Berry is my Favourite!

20. Lindt Chocolate

🙂 , what are your favourite things?

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Top Shayela – Reality Check Starts Tomorrow

Top Shayela is back! With a new presenter

But, as has come to be expected, there’s a fantastic twist in the Top Shayela tail for this season.

The 2nd season is Reality Check and it will feature a mix of those celebrities who shone on season one and a host of newcomers to the Top Shayela fold.

Vuzu is taking your favourite celebrities out of their comfort zone. In season two’s ‘Reality Check’, the celebrity in the spotlight will have the chance of winning R10 000 – with half of the prize money going to a charity of the ‘Top Shayela’s’ choice. Each show will see the celebrity undertaking three challenges – one easy, one not-so-easy and one hard. The first challenge is worth R2000, the second R3000 and the third R5000.

Should the celebrity need help with the task at hand, it can be requested but not without losing R100 for every minute they are assisted. And if the celebrity doesn’t complete any of the tasks, they walk away with no money for either themselves or the charity that’s close to their heart.

The first celebrity featured is Bonang Matheba who swops her heels for a sponge during a taxi wash with a difference, definitely worth watching!

The first episode airs tomorrow, 11 Septemeber 2012 at 20:30 on Vuzu TV, (DSTV Channel 123)

Clifton Shores

When I first saw the promo on Vuzu TV I was like OMG I have to watch this show. The show Clifton Shores premiers on Tuesday 21 August 2012 on Vuzu TV (DSTV 123) at 21:00

The show was produced by South Africa’s coal mining millionaire Quinton van den Bergh, who also stars in the show. The show follows a group of girls who work for his events and entertainment company Quintessential.

The Los Angeles girls live, play and party it up in the Mother City as drama and fights unfolds.

Cast Names and Pictures:

Destiny is a Las Vegas local who grew up with the nightlife and entertainment industry all around her. She learned to network from a very early age; a skill crucial to her job as a VIP party hostess in Vegas and now as Head of Events and Marketing at Quintessential in Cape Town, South Africa. Destiny’s a Sagittarius, vegetarian, and a pizzaholic! She always has a camera in-hand, documenting her own life and editing clips for her Youtube page.

Katy was born and raised in Boone Iowa, this fresh-faced beauty has graced the covers of Maxim Mexico and Maxim Czech Republic and has acted in shows such as ABC’s Greek and the CBS mega-hits CSI Miami and CSI New York along with Emmy award winning series, Monk. At Quintessential Katy keeps her co-workers on their toes with her honest opinions and her obsession with punctuality. She’s a self-confessed goofball who also has superior mechanic skills.

She’s the California girl with a love for nightlife and fashion. Kathy’s childhood dream came true when she became a fashion stylist for the world-renowned label, Juicy Couture. Kathy also worked in VIP event coordination in Los Angeles before joining Quintessential. 1 of 4 kids, Kathy gained a stepsister when she and her bff (and Clifton Shores co-star) Katy Marie Johnson set their parents up together in a real life version of The Parent Trap 2.

This Mexi-Cuban firebomb has walked for major fashion houses like Roberto Cavalli and Fendi. Fashion is a passion for this hot Latina and it most definitely runs in her family’s blood. She’s a free spirited Virgo who loves family, food, and most of all; tequila!  Her motto? Do everything you want to do in your life and enjoy it because you never know when it’s your time to go!

A small town girl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa moved to Cape Town 4 years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment and eventing industry.  1 of 7 siblings, this brunette beauty with a big heart is a fitness freak, the life of the party, and a trojan at work. At Quintessential, Claire focuses on developing on-going relationships with clients and suppliers.

This Johannesburg native has mad drumming skills and founded the all-girl band Chix with Stix. She’s a model slash actress in her own right. Her work away from the camera includes being ops manager for a media and advertising company and a junior brand manager for an FMCG company. She’s a workaholic, she hates the gym, and she looooves her ipod.

This fun and feisty little Scorpio is a thoroughbred Johannesburg girl. She’s one of FHM’s sexiest women with a passion for modeling. She’s got a strong knowledge in event co-ordination which stems from her studies in Marketing Management. Raquel loves to keep the most up to date R&B music on her ipod while working on a year-round summer tan.

One of South Africa’s ultimate success stories (Quinton van der Burgh) is an entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of the commerce and entertainment industry. He’s the CEO of both local and international companies such as telecom, mining, property development, boutique hotels, and entertainment. Quinton uses his expertise in mergers and marketing combined with a love of competitive strategy to dominate the markets and outdo the competition. He loves fast cars, high adrenaline adventure and… wait for it… Nando’s chicken.

This South Coast buff-bod has graced the South African, German, and Italian “Men’s Health” Covers. He’s the face of “White Squall,” a live music promotion company and is also a tireless crusader for various charities from animal rights to underprivileged children. When he’s not saving the planet, Brett can be found surfing, biking, running on table mountain or serenading women with his guitar.

Born and raised in Maryland, this adventure-loving guy moved to Vegas 8 years ago and never looked back. Steven’s featured in national ads for GUESS Jeans, Nike, Samsung and he’s walked for the likes of Kenneth Cole, Quiksilver, and Banana Republic. When this hottie’s not working, you’ll find him in the gym or doing basically any extreme activity he can find.

This Las Vegas firefighter loves gaming, traveling, partying, and making life interesting for his older sister; Destiny. Toby was one of the youngest fire fighters to be hired by the United States Forest Service. When he’s not putting out fires in the tri-state area (CA/NV/AZ), he’s heating up the dance floor of every club in Vegas and Cape Town.

I’ve got a feeling its going to be awesome. S/0 to Vuzu TV. For updates you can follow @Clifton_Shores 😀


Like Seriously !

I was reading tweets on my time line and something caught my attention. A tweet by @KeroCarrots.
RT @KeroCarrots: Different parties, same performers … every weekend. Surely we have many artists in SA *shrugs*

This is so true. Its always the same crowd, same celebrities, different events. I never understand why people always attend events that have the same people on the ‘guestlist’. Don’t you get tired of seeing each other ? I hate it when V Entertainment attends an event they DON’T even show us what’s happening at the event, asking ‘Celebrities’ questions. Every episode the same celebrities.

I feel like most South African Musicians are talented but they are denied the opportunity to be exposed to South Africans and rest of the world, when those that already have been privileged enough to have opportunities get to perform at different events EVERY night or even worse when international artists come here and make money and then go.

I honestly fail to understand the entertainment industry. Can we give other kids a chance?

Phew, enough venting for now !

Guest Blogger : TumiBrown